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Creating inclusive Jewish spaces on college campuses.

Providing opportunities to practice traditional-egalitarian Judaism in meaningful ways.

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Who We Are

The mission of Masorti On Campus is to provide for the needs of traditional-egalitarian Jewish campus communities.

Following the philosophy and precepts of Masorti (Conservative) Judaism, our projects and programs help sustain and grow a vision of Judaism that is intellectually rooted, spiritually compelling, and emotionally satisfying. Our ongoing campus partnerships allow us to provide college students with opportunities to engage with each other, debate, question, and find a balance between Jewish tradition and modern life.

Home: Who We Are

Shabbaton Project

Sharing Best Practices

Shabbatonim (weekend retreats) are the cornerstone of our work by bringing college students together from across North America. Each Shabbaton presents an opportunity for student leaders to learn and share best practices around building meaningful, close-knit communities. Organized in conjunction with the hosting campus’ Hillel or Jewish Student Union, we utilize a “students-hosting-students” hospitality model to both house student participants and showcase the host community.

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Studying on the Grass

Campus Fellows
& Micro-Grants

Turning Interest Into Action

Campus Fellows are student leaders who work with their campus’ Jewish life staff to engage others on their campus to strengthen and grow a traditional-egalitarian Jewish community. Fellows are responsible for running at least two programs during a term: one related to Jewish learning, and another related to Israel. Each fellows’ cohort will have access to skills coaching and special learning opportunities from professionals in the field.

Qualified campuses may apply for standalone micro-grants. Additionally, qualified fellows may receive a stipend to support their activities, including but not limited to recruitment for the Masorti Campus Shabbaton, Conservative Yeshiva winter and summer college programs, and/or other multicampus initiatives.

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Home: Who We Are
Study Group

Jewish Learning Opportunities

Explore Our Traditions

The Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem’s Online Beit Midrash (house of study) has everything you need for your own learning as well as teacher resources for anyone leading a class or discussion. The CY, as it is affectionately known, is a leading center for the study of classical Jewish texts, providing students of all ages and backgrounds with the opportunity to encounter texts in an inclusive, supportive, and intellectually rigorous manner.

Through our partnership with the Conservative Yeshiva, we are able to bring expert faculty from Jerusalem to your campus. Additionally, the CY offers subsidized winter and summer experiences in Jerusalem, designed specifically for college students.

Home: Who We Are
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Israel Experiences

Exploring Our Roots

We have partnered with MERCAZ to connect our campus communities to the global Masorti (Conservative) movement. MERCAZ advocates for religious pluralism within Israel, while working to strengthen the connections between Jews living in the Diaspora and in Israel. Together, we are developing groundbreaking educational experiences and shaping what it means to be a Zionist in the 21st century. 

MERCAZ (Hebrew for center) represents Masorti Judaism within the World Zionist Organization, Jewish Agency for Israel, and the Jewish National Fund; collectively known as The National Institutions.

Home: Who We Are
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A Bit About Marom

Marom empowers you to take ownership of your Jewish identity, explore it, add knowledge and depth to your life. Join other young Jewish adults in your area and across the world, for shared experiences and lifelong friendships. Travel the globe, experience unique events, and explore what makes your Jewish identity meaningful in today’s world.

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