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In The News

A Collection of Newspaper Clippings

In The News: Welcome

An ongoing conversation in the Jewish press.

  1. Konigsburg, Rabbi Ashira. "A North American Conservative Judaism for the Next Generation."
    Times of Israel, 18 February 2021 [Link]

  2. Leiderman, Eric M."A Millennial Yankee in Theodor Herzl’s Court." 
    The Jewish Standard, 28 October 2020 [Link]

  3. Goldrich, Lois. "Leaving Institutional Egos Behind." 
    The Jewish Standard, 12 March 2020. [Link]

  4. Gringauz, Lev. "17. Your Vote Matters!." (Podcast)
    TC Jewfolk, 28 January 2020. [Link]

  5. Palmer, Joanne. "Continuity is Not a Numbers Game." 
    The Jewish Standard, 22 March 2018 [Link]

  6. Kurland, Rachel. "Shabbaton at Penn Draws National Participation."
    Jewish Exponent, 21 February 2018 [Link]

  7. Leiderman, Eric M. "How to Save Conservative Judaism in One Simple Step"
    Times Of Israel, 19 June 2017 [Link]

  8. Goldrich, Lois. "Rutgers to host Masorti on Campus Shabbaton." 
    The Jewish Standard, 26 January 2017 [Link]

  9. Palmer, Joanne. "Being a Conservative Jew on Campus" 
    The Jewish Standard, 12 May 2016 [Link]

  10. Esserman, Rabbi Rachel. "Hillel at Binghamton’s Koach community participates in World Wide Wrap." 
    The Reporter Group. February 2016

  11. Esserman, Rabbi Rachel. "BU student Eric M. Leiderman wins 2015 Shoshana S. Cardin Leadership Award."
    The Reporter [Binghamton, NY] Nov-Dec 2015. Volume XLIV, Number 48. Pages 1, 4.

  12. Palmer, Joanne. "Asking the Right Question." 
    The Jewish Standard, 19 November 2015 [Link]

  13. Pollak, Suzanne. "Conservatives Emphasize Youth in Biennial Push" 
    Washington Jewish Week, 18 November 2015 [Link]

  14. "USCJ Announces Winner of 2015 Shoshana S. Cardin Leadership Award." 
    eJewish Philanthropy, 16 November 2015 [Link​]

  15. Kalyanam, Sharadha. "Masorti Shabbaton Connects Jewish Campus Leaders." 
    Mitzpeh [University of Maryland's Independent Jewish newspaper], 11 March 2015 [Link]

  16. Gotlib, Steve. "The Masorti on Campus Shabbaton"
    Rutgers Hillel, 24 February 2015 [Link]

  17. Bridwell, Lindsey. " Building Campus Community"
    Baltimore Jewish Times, 6 February 2015 [Link]

  18. "Masorti Campus Shabbton has sign-ups"
    Cleveland Jewish News, 1 December 2014 [Link]

  19. Weg, Ethan. "JTS Hosts Young Conservative Leaders From Campuses Across Nation."
    HAKOL: the Jewish community newspaper in the Lehigh Valley, 1 May 2014 

  20. Clare, Erin. "UMd. Students Form Conservative Minyan."
    Washington Jewish Week, 23 April 2014 [Link]

  21. Hamilton, Alex. "Masorti on Campus Shabbaton"
    Rutgers Hillel, 8 April 2014 [Link]

  22. "Conservative Youth Seek Campus Revival."
    New Jersey Jewish News, 22 January 2014 [Link]

  23. Palmer, Joanne. "Resurrecting Koach? Students Try to Revive Conservative Movement's College Program."
    The Jewish Standard, 17 January 2014 [Link]

  24. Goldrich, Lois. "Koach Closes."
    The Jewish Standard, 21 June 2013 [Link]

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